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Re: Mac RDP (Was: apple mac laptop)

On Aug 13, 2008, at 5:06 AM, Andrea Venturoli wrote:

John Almberg ha scritto:

I don't think it's far OT, either, since IMHO, Mac desktops and FreeBSD servers are the perfect, practical combination for many organizations, including my own.

Since there seem to be a lot of expert here...
Does anybody know of a FreeBSD client that can connect to a Mac OS X
(not server) remote desktop?

Last time I tried rdesktop it did not work.

bye & Thanks


Buona sera! So long as you have enable VNC support in the RDP setup on the server. Basically you need to set the VNC password and check the appropriate box. You should be able to access it from there. Also ensure that you have all of the standard ARD ports open on the firewall or you will not be able to connect. Once you do then any VNC client should be able to connect.

	ARD requires:
	5900 tcp + udp
	3283 tcp + udp
	5988 tcp

	For VNC you should probably add 5800 tcp + udp as well.

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