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Re: [OT] Re: apple mac laptop.

I don't think it's far OT, either, since IMHO, Mac desktops and
FreeBSD servers are the perfect, practical combination for many
organizations, including my own.

	This might better be asked offlist, but there may be others like
	me who are clueless, and since you are familiar, I'll ask you.
	How "interact-able" are FBSD and (say) MacBook?  E.g., is there a
	"BSD-way" of my creating an account of the Apple and using is?
	It's got @G of RAM, and a 160G drive [!].  Apple says in plain
	text that is is UNIX.  (or maybe Berkeley Unix).

	So besides the mac firewall [whatever], the laptop will be
	behind my pfSense box.  So... --and to be completely honest, the
	main reason for this >> $1000 laptop is *security*.  When she was
	younger I wasn't that concerned is some kiddie cracker learned
	that her favorite pet was a kitty.  Different now.

	Another question: can I install X11 without it bothering whatever
	kind of mac front-end windowing comes with?  Be great if I could
	admin this BSD-based computer from my office.

	thankee much!

X11 is integrated with the Apple desktop, so you can run X11 applications, like OpenOffice, from the desktop, more or less seamlessly. The only difference that I've noted is that X11 applications use Ctrl-C, etc., for copy/paste instead of the usual Apple-C, etc, that normal Apple applications use. This is a minor inconvenience, but it reminds me that there are two different types of applications on the desktop.

Basically, OSX *is* BSD so you can mount server disks, etc., as usual.

The main benefit to me is that administering Apples is very similar to administering a FreeBSD server, so I don't need to learn two completely different OSs (one is more than enough for me!)

I basically think of OSX as BSD with a really, really good GUI. Blows the doors off the usual Unix desktops (which is why I switched.)

-- John

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