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Re: Outlook With FreeBSD IMAP

On 2/27/07, Garrett Cooper <youshi10_(_at_)_u_(_dot_)_washington_(_dot_)_edu> wrote:
Unforunately you (and many others on the list) have missed the point I
think. The OP said that he was stuck with outlook because of his pda
syncing, and there definitely isn't a means available (or at least a
good, popular one -- I know I'm inviting flames from KDE / Gnome
lovers..), in Unix for PDA syncing because everyone chooses Windows. Bleh..

Even OSX doesn't have a good mobile device syncing tool and it's
lightyears ahead of what Gnome and KDE have in some respects.

I wasn't responding to the OP, but to everyone else as Outlook appears
to be on-topic for FreeBSD-questions now :).

Agree about the PDA/phone syncing. It's a surprisingly useful thing to have.

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