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Re: Reg, User rights

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> Subject: Reg, User rights
> Dear Team,
>                   This is subburaman from Bangalore, india.I have
> installed the FreeBSD6.2.Now i want to create a new User with
> Administrator rights.Please give me the guidelines for me.
> Thanks with regards
> Subburaman N

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> Subject: RE: Reg, User rights
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>  Hi,
>     While creating user accout using  'adduser' command, give 'Login
> group' as 'wheel' which will give administrator rights for that
> particular username.
> Regards.

Hi Subburaman,
please read 

Membership to the wheel group will give you some more access than not belonging
to that group, but probably is not what you have in mind (if you come from a
MS Windows background where belonging to "Administrator" group is all you
really need to wreak hav[del del] err... "manage" a system ;). It will
definitely allow you to su to root...
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