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Re: help needed setting up NATIVE ipv6 connection

Arone Silimantia schrieb:

--- Björn König <bjoern_(_dot_)_koenig_(_at_)_alpha-tierchen_(_dot_)_de>

Add the following line in /etc/rc.conf


This is enough to let FreeBSD configure the
interface with IPv6 automatically using router solicitation.

Hmmm...that sounds very nice - just adding that one
line and _nothing else_.  This system is a server
though, so how will that router know to give me the
same IP every time ?

It assigns an IP that corresponds with you hardware MAC address.

ifconfig_fxp4="inet <ipv4>"
ifconfig_fxp4_alias0="inet <ipv4>"
ifconfig_fxp4_alias1="inet6 1234:1234:1234::2/64"
ifconfig_fxp4_alias2="inet6 1234:1234:1234::3/64"

Ok, yes, I think I would like to do it manually like
this.  I notice you do not have a ipv6 default route
statement there - is it not needed ?

Sorry, I forgot that.


Do I need to tell my provider that I am taking the /48
they gave me and using it with a /64 like that, or can
I just stick in the /64 and it will work fine ?

I assume that if I just want to keep things simple I
can just put /48 in place of your /64, right ?

Both will work without problems.

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