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Re: Root devices changing on Dell 2950 with dual perc 5

Dan D Niles wrote:
I just installed FreeBSD 6.2 on a Dell 2950.  I installed it on a raid 1
on the integrated Perc 5i.  The root device was /dev/mfid0s2a.

Then, I configured a raid 5 device on the Perc 5e.  Now, my root device
was /dev/mfid1s2a.   As a test, I configured an additional raid 1 device
on the Perc 5e.  Now my root device is /dev/mfid2s2a.

How do I get the internal raid device to be /dev/mfid0 and not change
every time I add an external raid device?

The machine BIOS lists the Perc 5i first, and the Perc BIOS lists the
Perc 5i as controller 0 and the Perc 5e as controller 1.

Any ideas how to fix this?



Not a true fix but you could take a look at geom label. It will allow you to label each partition with a static device id.

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