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Re: How to install JRE in FreeBSD

Vince wrote:
santhy chandran wrote:

Im new to FreeBSD environment and need to work with C++ using IDE Eclipse .

I came to know that inorder to install Eclipse,we should have JRE n our
machine.I have downloaded JRE for FreeBSD but not able to get it
installed since installation procedures are not given in that..

When you say you have downloaded the JRE for freebsd, I assume you mean
appropriate version from

If you have downloaded the package from there then just run
pkg_add $nameofdownloadedfile
For 6.x i386 that would be
pkg_add diablo-jdk-freebsd6.i386.

hope that helps,

Can u please help me by sending the reply as fast as possible..


If sans solved the eclipse thing, then he solved this.
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