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Re: RAID 10-LUN Question

At 02:54 PM 2/14/2007, Dak Ghatikachalam wrote:

Hi Freebsd

We have DELL/EMC CX-300 storage array hardware , Navisphere. , which consist
of  15 Disks 320GB, I am planning to use this for Oracle( Linux) + SQL
server(M$) purpose.

We need to get that redundancy using RAID 10 and  striple for the best

My thoughts are  take most even number of possible disks( leaving private
system partition area) and create the raid groups and kick a separate LUNS
for MSSQL purpose.

With this hardware config, Do you have any suggestion on getting the best
performance and redundancy in place


On 2/14/07, Derek Ragona <derek_(_at_)_computinginnovations_(_dot_)_com> wrote:

 RAID 10 uses even numbered drive sets, usually in 4's, so 4 drives, 8
drives, 12 drives, etc.  Depending on how 24/7 self-managed you want the
array, you should plan for at least 2 hot spare drives for fail over.

So in your setup you could have one logical array made up of 12 drives,
with 2 spares, and one left for the OS.  One consideration in striping is
the stripe size.  Stripe size effects performance but also storage
efficiency.  So you want to balance those factors in choosing a stripe size.

How to determine the stripe size  Dell recommends the OS striped across 5
disks and calls itself system private paritition
How to determine the optimal stripe size, will I be able to ditch  the
current navisphere the Storage Array OS( which is now windows based I t  and
stick Freebsd  in its place. We have got nice GEOM ability now.


One last issue, is make sure you have enough cache on the RAID controller.


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