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Any way to probe snd card?

	I'm pretty stunned at how well gnome2 works on my
	antique 400MHz backup system.  [[ gnome2-lite wouldn't go, for
	some reason.... [?] ]]  Anyway, I do have a sound card in this
	one, but which *.ko I load or compile is the question.  If 
	memory serves, I think this has  a Matrox card.  I've tried
	adding a few sound [snd_*.ko] files, but no sound.  The OSS
	dialogs open, but the tests produce no sound..  Would the sound
	card show up in dmesg if there were a sound card hiding? 

	Any help out there?  This old box is an HP Kayak "XU/XW".



  Gary Kline  kline_(_at_)_thought_(_dot_)_org   www.thought.org  Public Service Unix

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