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Re: GMail [and other free email] and these lists?

On 13/02/07, Ted Mittelstaedt <tedm_(_at_)_toybox_(_dot_)_placo_(_dot_)_com> wrote:

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Subject: Re: GMail [and other free email] and these lists?

> On Monday February 12, 2007 at 04:45:44 (PM) Jeff Rollin wrote:
> > In what way does Gmail suck?
> 1) No White Listing
> 2) No configurable SPAM Filtering
> 3) Bcc doesn't work
> 4) 500 message a day limit.
> 5) No PGP or S/MIME support
> 6) No able to 'Forward as Attachment'
> 7) Doesn't handle 'sig delimiter'
> 8) No ability to create or sort to folders.
> 9) No IMAP support
> 10. Is routinely blacklisted by SORBS, among other blacklisting
> The list just goes on and on. Get on the GMail discussion list and see
> what some of it's users have to say about it. It is good enough for
> someone who's greatest need is writing to Grandma, but that is about it.

Hey, gmail rocks, I use it as a test mail account all of the time.  Not
production of course, but for sending test messages there's nothing wrong
with it. ;-)

Could anyone speculate as to why a user on gmail would have the nerve to
bitch about the service?  They are getting what they paid for, after all!

I will agree that some of these features (or lack of them) are annoying,
however Gmail does have the advantage of being accessible from wherever I
am, and being a whole heck of a lot faster than my ISP's Netmail service,
for example.

I haven't yet found the perfect email service/client, though. Maybe I should
post here when I do!

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