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Recommandation for supported high quality soundcard FreeBSD 7.0-CURRENT/AMD64

Months ago I was looking for a replecement sound card for my onboard ALC97 sound and therefore I purchased a Creative Soundblaster Audigy SE in hope this is supported by the snd_emu10k[x] driver as its name suggested. But it was an great err. Now I'm looking for an adequate replacement for even this soundcard and followed several dicussions about the problematic prevention for open source development by Creative and other companies keeping their data sheets closed. I read something about envy24-based soundcards which are said to be as good as Creative's X-Fi type soundcards but for half of the price.

To make my desire short in words: Can you please recommend some envy24 based good or better quality (not the best high-end HiFi) soundcard which has an opensource support, even in FreeBSD?

Here in Germany I find only brands like Creative and TerraTec with adequate 7.1 capable soundcards.

I would like to purchase a sound card which has native FreeBSD driver.

Thanks you for your attention and suggestions in advance,
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