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strange troubles building 6.2


	I finally begged a favor a got two working NIC's in what will be
	my emergency backup DNS server.  The box is old and slow but the
	hardware is ++solid.  It was easy getting my 5.3 CD upgraded to
	5.5, but for unknown reasons,I'm having troubles moving up to
	6.2-R.  (I upgrades this server [tao] from 5.5 to 6.2-PRE without
	any problems. )  KERNEL=GENERIC on my backup server and I'm

make buildworld &&
make buildkernel &&
make installkernel;

	Things hung up after buildworld, during buildkernel.  Thanks
	to the "&&", the buildworld finished successfully.  I'm all but
	sure that the cvsup grabbed all 6.2 files.  The troubles have
	only been happening in the past two or three days.  Has anybody 
	else seen thtis?



  Gary Kline  kline_(_at_)_thought_(_dot_)_org   www.thought.org  Public Service Unix

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