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Re: Intel Core Duo. SMP kernel but still only 50% load while using make on ports...

In response to "Josh Carroll" <josh_(_dot_)_carroll_(_at_)_gmail_(_dot_)_com>:

> > > >    I noticed something strange: When I compile using ma   in the ports
> > > > tree, I only have 50% load. CPU1 is used at   CPU0 is idle...
> As was already pointed out, ports do not compile with make -j X by
> default. You can do so for ports that will build cleanly (not all of
> them will), by adding something similar to the following to your
> make.conf:
> .if ${.CURDIR:M*/ImageMagick*}
> MAKE_ARGS+=-j4
> .endif
> A while back I found which ports I had installed that would play nice
> with make -j, so I updated make.conf with a bunch of similar entries
> to the above. Works fairly well, and there are actually quite a few
> ports that will compile with make -j. If you're interested, let me
> know and I'll throw my make.conf up somewhere.

You know, it'd be cool if there were a knob in the ports framework that
allowed port maintainers to specify this, something like PARALLEL_MAKE=yes
in the Makefile ...

Or is that a dumb idea for some reason I don't understand?

Bill Moran
Collaborative Fusion Inc.
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