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Re: Can't Login at the Console on FreeBSD 6.0 Release

JP <planoprez_(_at_)_yahoo_(_dot_)_com> writes:

> So I'm not quite sure what happened here, someone with root access,
> who probably shouldn't have had it managed to make a mess of things.
> He claims he was trying to install source files and on reboot he
> could no longer login to the system.  I am able to boot into single
> user mode, I see that login is core-dumping on signal 11 and as such
> I can't login to the box.  Ftp, SSH, and other services are not
> responsive and don't even attempt to allow me to login remotely.
> I'd like to be able to login at the console, and be able to FTP into
> the box so I can pull everything down and do a fresh install.  Any
> suggesitons on how to do this?  I already did a passwd root and
> created a new password thinking it would fix things, but it didn't.
> At the console, it just asks for Login, and then password and then
> keeps looping if though I am putting in the right information.

If it were my machine to fix, I would start with a binary "upgrade"
off of CD.
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