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Re: iTunes - once again.

Chris wrote:
Heya folks -

	Every 6 months (sometimes longer) I ask about either a port, or a Wine
config that allows the playing of iTune-purchased music.

	Last I seen, Banshee comes close (Under Linux) and of course I opted to
give Wine a shot.

	I could settle for Wine *IF* there is/was a version of iTunes that some
has gotten to work - no need pointing me to the WineHQ site. The docs
for versions of iTunes is lacking (and of course, I'm being kind).

	So - if anyone has gotten iTunes files to work (Please, I don't want to
go through the madness of converting 7 DVD's into MP3 format), let me know.

	With a little luck, someone has gotten this done without hours of kludging.

Take a look at this project page and note the iTunes version warning: <http://hymn-project.org/jhymndoc/>.

Better off not buying DRM protected files, or just get a Mac if you don't like Windows =D.

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