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firefox, extensions, and *.php pages

	i've been experimenting with the firefox plugins in recent days,
	and hhave slammed into something I don't understand.  Many web
	pages are on domain are in pHP.  Now when I try to view myown
	pages, I get a popup dialog named Opening that reads:

	"You have chosen to open 

	[ .... ]  (blank)

	which is a: appplication/x-httpd-php
	from http://www.thought.org

	  What should Firefox do with this file?"

	The one of three options *not* greyed out is:

	(*) Save to Disk

	What's going on?  And/or: how did I shoot myself in the foot?

	thanks for any insights; a couple of these addon are useful...


  Gary Kline  kline_(_at_)_thought_(_dot_)_org   www.thought.org  Public Service Unix

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