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Which disk is which

Jerry McAllister wrote:
>>I've booted a 5.2.1 miniinstall CD and got to the point where I choose which 
>>disk to install onto.
>>My choices are
>>Great. How do I know which disk is which? 
> OK  ad0 would be the first ide drive and da0 would be the first SCSI
> drive or maybe the first USB drive.

Thanks Jerry

>>                      _I_ could work it out if the panel 
>>displayed information such as
>>Note: DOS names would be worse than useless because I don't use DOS, and the 
>>BIOS doesn't detect all my drives.
> If your BIOS doesn't detect your drives you have problems to deal
> with before you get to installing FreeBSD.
>>The website doesn't help.
>>I'm not on any list. Please respond by
>>a) Fixing the web page
>>b) Mailing me the necessary info (eg the fixed page when it's done) in case I 
>>can't discover by other means which is which.
> Try not giving orders to volunteers.  It is tacky and won't get
> you anywhere.    Maybe you should learn enough to fix the DOC yourself
> and submit a change.

I'm new to FreeBSD and this is my first look at it. I think your 
suggestion a little tacky.

I'm sorry that you felt I was giving orders, that was not my intent. In 
my defence though, as I said in another post, thought I was talking 
directly to someone responsible for the content, and explaining that I 
find that content confusing.