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newfs_msdos bootstrap file


Yes, I did try /boot/mbr and /boot/boot0 (and boot1), but none of them 
successfully booted dos or windows.

I think I need to steal one from a FAT32 filesystem that was made with 
Dos's fdisk.. :(


Henrik W Lund wrote:

> Matthew Crowe wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> In the newfs_msdos(8) man page, there is a -B option to add a 
>> bootstrap from a file.  How do you generate this bootstrap?
>> I wanted to make a FAT32 filesystem that Windows or Dos could boot, 
>> from freebsd.  Newfs_msdos creates the filesystem just fine.. it just 
>> won't boot anything :)
>> Thanks,
>> Matt 
> Greetings!
> Have you tried the file /boot/mbr or even /boot/boot0? These files are 
> "boot code", so why not try them?
> I may be totally off here, but hey - nothing ventured, nothing gained, 
> eh? ;-)
> -Henrik W Lund
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