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Microsoft Cordless Optical Mouse and 5.2

On Sat, 28 Aug 2004, Chip wrote:
> I have a MS Optical USB cordless mouse on my 5.2.1 box, connected to a Belkin 
> OmniCube 4-port kvm switch with a usb-ps2 adapter, and it works great in both 
> X and console windows. My XF86Config mouse section looks like this -
> And my rc.conf contains these lines -
> I wonder now if the usbd_enable line is even needed since the mouse is being 
> run thru the ps2 adapter.
> On the bottom of my mouse it says 'Wireless Optical Mouse Blue'. I haven't 
> made any mods/changes to the kernel, it is completely generic.

On the bottom of *my* mouse it says "Wireless IntelliMouse(R) Explorer."

It does not work with 5.2-RELEASE!  >:-(

> Regards,
> Chip

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