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FreeBSD architecture

Riki wrote:

>I would like to know if FreeBSD could work on my PC.  I noticed a lot of
>stuff about supported architectures, but that isn't my language yet and I
>can't tell if my computer fits into one of them or not.  I would really
>appreciate your assistance.
>I have a pentium 4, intell processor.  I have windows xp on one hard drive
>and I would like to put your software on the other.

The Intel Pentiums, AMD Durons & Athlons, Via C3s ... and so
many more, are all (x86) architecture.  Your Pentium IV is likely
a "686" class CPU [unless they've upped the ante again ;-) ]

As someone else said, more likely to be at issue are your
hardware peripherals, particularly modems and propietary
USB devices.  USB devices that adhere to standards [like
umass for storage] are fine.  Some people have to jump through
a few hoops for USB scanners and some cameras though; it seems
to depend on what kind they are.  If you have some expensive peripherals,
(maybe if you're a photographer, for example), you might Google for
"FreeBSD <<nameofmycamera>> Problems" ... if you find that some
device causes some issues, you might not be ready to run FreeBSD.
Of course, your next statement may mitigate some of that danger.

You said, "windows xp on one hard drive" and FreeBSD "on the other";
you'll be doing what's called "dual booting".  You'll want to research
the "how to" of doing that somewhat carefully.  Although FreeBSD's
"boot manager" can handle this situation if Windows doesn't interfere
with it, the possibility exists that it might.  There are a number of other
"boot manger" programs (GRUB, LILO, GAG are three) that might help
with this issue as well.

Welcome to FreeBSD!

Kevin Kinsey

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