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apsfilter and Epson Stylus C63 on Current

edwinculp wrote:

>>>Hash: SHA1
>>>Just to check, you have removed the base install's lp* utilities 
>>No, I must have read over, under, around and/or through that in the 
>>cups howto's I been using.
>>Let me be sure that I am understanding.  I should remove lpd, lpq, 
>>lpc, lpr, lprm and family to use cups?
>>That could definitely be the problem because I have't done it.
>>Thanks, I'll give it a try in a few.
> Nope, didn't work or even change anything.  I can still print the cups test page and anything form gimp but nothing through the cups configuration nor can I configure the C63 with apsfilter because it isn't in gs although ijs is compiled in and there must be a way to use the gimp-print driver through gs or update apsfilter to use the new gimp-print drivers but I haven't found either.
> Thanks again, Anish, for the suggestion.
> ed

I'm interested in this also. I used Apsfilter to set up an Epson C62 
that works fine except for printing email - it prints the ps code. I 
print web pages, .pdf files and .txt files fine. I haven't tested 
anything else, I mainly need the ability to print emails more than 
anything else. I have the same problem with a Lexmark E312 LazerJet. I 
haven't tried Cups, don't know the first thing about it.