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[OT] VPN issues with some windows users...

Eric Crist wrote:
> Jonathan,
> Thanks for the quick reply.  I'm not trying to access the internet
> through this VPN, I want to access the internet through my own internet
> connection, and have only the VPN traffic try to use the VPN tunnel.
> The SmartPass VPN connection resides just fine without interfering with
> my connection.  This is what I'm hoping for.
> Does this make sense?

absolutly.  in this case, i *beleive* it should be an option to set up 
the routing table on your local machine to not change your default route 
when i connets (which i probably is doing), and only add direct routes 
to the vpn connection.  i know this is possible using a *nix vpn client, 
  as it is on macosx.  With a bit of work, or maybe a good bit of 
google, i'm sure at least xp can be coerced into this too.

hope this helps.


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