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Frequent crashes with Mozilla and Firefox

Doug Poland wrote:

> Joshua Tinnin wrote:
>>> Two sites that failed consistently for me were 
> >>http://www.pga.com and
>>> http://www.statefarm.com
>>> The browser versions are
>>> Mozilla 1.7.2
>>> Mozilla Firefox 0.9.3
>>> Both versions were built from ports the day after the port was
>>> committed.  All other ports are up-to-date.
>> I don't know if this would be helpful, but I'm testing both sites at 
>> the same time (tabbed) with Mozilla and Firefox, and I'm not having 
>> problems - am clicking through many links with both browsers fetching 
>> on both tabs (and Mozilla also has other tabs open). I'm running 
>> 5.2.1-RELEASE-p9 and have the same versions of Mozilla and Firefox as 
>> you do, and all my ports are also up-to-date. Both browsers have 
>> Flash, Java and scripting enabled. If it means anything, I'm also 
>> running X.org and Xfce4. However, the OP it was an intermittent 
>> problem (is it with you as well?), so not sure if I'm just getting 
>> lucky, as I haven't ever surfed either of those sites before.
> Hi,
> I've got flash and java plugins too.  The windowmanager doesn't seem 
> to matter, I typically use WindowMaker but am often in XFCE.  The 
> problem is intermittent for me.  I was consistently crashing on the 
> statefarm login href, but now it's working.  Other sites 
> intermittently crash the browser.
> Hmmm... maybe this warrants a posting to mozilla's bugzilla site.

I do wonder if it's Flash or Java.  I'm watching:


I run Mozilla on GNOME; starting it in a terminal ["mozilla &"]
(instead of a gnome launcher) yields "invalid cast from
Gtk-SuperWin to Gtk-SuperWidget" or somesuch error
(I may have gotten those casts backwards).

I don't know if this is the problem you're having, or if "me too"
posts at Bugzilla would help by urging the programmers on to
greater deeds, or exacerbate the situation by creating greater
angst/hair-pulling, just wondering if this would be helpful/informative
to someone...

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.