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Frequent crashes with Mozilla and Firefox

On Mon, Aug 16, 2004 at 12:51:36PM -0700, Your Name wrote:
> In the last few weeks ive started getting a number of
> crashes using either Mozilla or Firefox. im using the 
> newest version of each from Ports, on FreeBSD 4.9.

Sorry for the "me too" post, but since people are reporting
different results: I have two main computers, one running
4.10 and one running 5.2-CURRENT, but with otherwise
similar setups. GNOME in both cases.

The CURRENT machine is fine; I'm pretty sure I've never had a
crash in several months of operation. The 4.10 machine is
similar to the OP's report: I get relatively frequent but
unpredictable crashes on complex Web pages, with both
Mozilla and Firefox.

It's annoying, and I'd love to know causes and solutions!

Jesse Sheidlower