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dell 400sc scsi and 4.10 install

> Hi,
> I've seen this topic come up in the lists recently but I haven't seen a 
> solution for it. I'm trying to install 4.10 on a new 400SC. When I boot I see:
> HBA	ID	LUN		Vendor
> 0	0	0		Fugitsu			36422MB
> 0	7	0		LSILogic 1020/1030
> 1	7	0		LSILogic 1020/2030
> I'm able to partition the 36G drive but then the install (floppy - network) 
> hangs when creating the file systems.
> Unable to make new root filesystem on /dev/da0s1a
>         Command returned status 36
> BIOS options for drive configurations: SATA Primary off/auto, primary 
> master off/auto, ide drive udama off/auto.

We had one site with nearly the same stuff (Dell 400, etc and a controller
that seemed to be SATA) and the same result.

We could not install on it and the site admin finally replaced the 
controller with a plain SCSI and was able to install with no problem.

Note that it appeared to slice (fdisk) and make partitiona (disklabel)
and these showed up on future attempts so it seemed to be able
to write the label.  But, it was completely unable to write anything
more than that.   The newfs failed as you see.

So, no help, but just some support for your experience - unless
recommending switching to a SCSI controller is considered help.

I posted to the list at that time and had a couple inquiries, but
no-one seemed to have any workable suggestions.   I am guessing
that the driver support is incomplete for that setup, but don't
know enough to pinpoint it.


> I would appreciate any help at all. Thanks.
> Jeanne 

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