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find -exec surprisingly slow

it was said:

>The original problem was that _bouncing_ these messages is
>fruitless---they almost invariably have a forged From address.  I'm
>getting on average about 10,000 of them per day, so there were
>constantly several thousand messages in my queue, as well as several
>thousand bounced bounces and failures in my postmaster mailbox every


Ahh! That is much clearer! You may want to look into ucspi-tcp in
sysutils/ports. Its tcpserver, tcprules, and rblsmtpd "sub-programs" do
a fairly good job of rejecting connections from undesirable smtp
servers - from the individual address all the way to netblock level.
See http://cr.yp.to/ucspi-tcp.html for details.
Other possible options a something like spamassassin, route them  to
/dev/null, etc.

Another 2%,


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