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find -exec surprisingly slow


On Sat, Aug 14, 2004 at 09:13:32PM -0500, Gary wrote:

> P> I'm not sure that I can make qmail do anything else.  These are spams
> P> sent to non-existent addresses at my domain, being caught by
> P> .qmail-default.
> Question... why do you have a .qmail-default file to begin with? If
> you have proper namespace or .qmail- files for your users, it is not
> necessary at all... all would then be bounced. Or if you wish just
> to drop mail coming in to .qmail-default, just put a # in it...

Good question---without context, my claim that I can do nothing else
seems wrong.  What I should have said is "given I have an interest in
collecting all the spams to non-existent addresses, I don't think I
can make qmail do anything other than deliver it to the new/ subdir of
a Maildir."

The original problem was that _bouncing_ these messages is
fruitless---they almost invariably have a forged From address.  I'm
getting on average about 10,000 of them per day, so there were
constantly several thousand messages in my queue, as well as several
thousand bounced bounces and failures in my postmaster mailbox every

IMHO, these messages should be _rejected_ at the SMTP session, though
(AFAICS) qmail won't do this (without being patched).  (I am sure I
once read a "security" justification for this behaviour, though I
can't seem to find any justification for it at all now.  I am willing
to be convinced otherwise, but IMHO, accepting these messages is bogus
behaviour.)  Anyway, I was about to embark on tracking down a patch to
do SMTP-level rejection, when I decided I would just funnel them into
a Maildir and use them later to train Bogofilter, or whatever.

> P>  What I am going to do is clear out the Maildir daily
> P> instead of monthly, though.  Collecting them has become a significant
> P> drain on disk space---the 400K spams are the result of about a month
> P> and a half of collection.
> I would never think of collecting them at all, not even allow them
> in.

I may soon change my mind, though my original plan was to put the spam
to use.  The sheer volume looks like making that plan unworkable.  :-)

> There are several techniques just to block them at SMTP negotiation
> all together, so they don't even enter your system...

Techniques for qmail?  Without patching it?  I thought I had RTFMd
pretty thoroughly, but I am willing to be enlightened.


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