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Question about backing up filesystem/boot disk

> I have recently built a 1.7TB file storage server for our digital lab
> and I was wondering what the easiest way to backup the SCSI boot disk
> to the RAID5 array would be?  I was thinking something along the lines
> of dd if=/dev/XXXXX of=/array/fbsd5disk or similar... if anyone can
> give me correct syntax and or options or a better options please let
> me know, thanks.

    dump 0af /array/rootdump /

is probably the best.

If you other file systems on that disk you want backed up
do similar.

    dump 0af /array/usrdump /usr

For example.

You can then restore(8) individual files, directories or whole filesystems
as you need.


> Allan Bandaly
> Reedy Photoprocess
> IT, Digital Lab Dept.