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How to install FreeBSD on 2nd removable UltraBay Drive of a Dell600 NoteBook

how about getting a usb floppy drive ?


On Sat, 2004-08-07 at 20:07, Gilbert Laprise wrote:
> I have Windows/XP install on my Dell 600 Notebook. Since with that 
> Notebook I have the option of booting from a removable Ultrabay disk 
> drive, I would like to install FreeBSD on the second drive.
> The problem is that in order to initiate the installation whether I do 
> it using FTP, HTTP or NFS, I have to remove the 2nd drive to replace it 
> with a CD/DVD or Floppy drive to boot and start the install process.  It 
> is during this initial phase that my notebook hardware is detected. 
> Naturally at that time the 2nd drive is not in the ultrabay, so it is 
> not detected, but either the floppy or CD/DVD drive is. Once the 
> sysinstall program is running when I replace my boot device by the 2nd 
> disk, I don't see the second drive when I try to define the partition.
> I have a local net with a desktop already running FreeBSD and a FreeBSG 
> 5.1 bootable install CD.  Any suggestion how to proceed to install 
> FreeBSD on the 2nd UltraBay drive of my Dell 600 Notebook.
> Gilbert Laprise
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