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Can i make a CD of the Ports Collection

Just a thought, but do you actually need an up-to-date 
ports collection. If you are trying things out, and frequently 
reinstalling you may be better-off with the one on the disk.

One of the big pitfalls in FreeBSD (and Gentoo Linux) is 
that new users install something like gnome, from the 
disk packages, and then sync-up their ports and bring in 
a new version. They are then left with a major rebuild
(which may require a special recipe or script), or face
build problems with new ports.

Even worse, there can be problems with current ports 
and old world versions. Ports started breaking on 5.1 
almost immediately after 5.2 was released.

On Wednesday 04 August 2004 04:16, Peter Ryan wrote:
> I am very new, and have been reinstalling
> FreeBSD many times to clean up whatever
> mess i make and start again.
> I recently used cvsup to update my
> ports collection for the 4.10_RELEASE.
> Now, when I reinstall, it takes much longer
> because i bring in the updated ports collection
> rather than the ports collection on the
> install CD (which i burnt from an ISO file)
> Is there some way to burn a cd (for me that
> means under winXP) containing the latest
> ports collection so that I dont have to
> download it each time.
> Or is there a better way of installing
> with the latest ports collection.
> Are the ISO images updated with a new
> ports collection very frequently ?
> Thanks for any pointers
> Peter
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