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Current problem reports assigned to you

Current FreeBSD problem reports
Critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
f [2003/02/16] bin/48341   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall deletes mbr altho

1 problem total.

Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2000/02/24] bin/16948   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall/disklabel: bad pa
o [2000/07/29] bin/20282   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall does not recover 
o [2000/11/25] bin/23098   qa          [sysinstall] [patch] if installing on a s
o [2001/04/27] bin/26897   qa          [sysinstall] 4.3R sysinstall fails to cre
o [2001/08/02] bin/29375   qa          [sysinstall] disk editor gets confused by
o [2001/09/26] bin/30837   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall doesn't set the s
o [2001/10/18] bin/31363   qa          [sysinstall] "partition editor" silently 
o [2001/12/31] bin/33370   qa          [sysinstall] post-configuration issue
o [2002/03/15] bin/35925   qa          [sysinstall] fixit floppy cannot be mount
a [2002/03/16] bin/35985   qa          [sysinstall] swap double mount
o [2002/03/29] bin/36508   qa          [sysinstall] installation floppy bug (4.5
o [2002/04/08] bin/36911   qa          [sysinstall] installation floppies miss a
o [2002/05/03] bin/37710   qa          [sysinstall] LAN interface in wrong state
o [2002/05/26] bin/38582   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall sets newfs flag a
o [2002/05/27] bin/38609   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall should know the s
o [2002/07/06] bin/40260   qa          [sysinstall] hang when detecting devices 
o [2002/08/18] bin/41757   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall 4.6.x unstable
o [2002/08/21] bin/41850   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall fails to create r
o [2002/11/21] bin/45565   qa          [sysinstall] write error, filesystem full
o [2003/01/01] bin/46670   qa          [sysinstall] 5.0-RC2 install leaves CD dr
o [2003/01/23] bin/47384   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall ignores intended 
o [2003/06/27] bin/53839   qa          [sysinstall] disklabel editor fails on po
o [2003/09/14] kern/56873  qa          [boot] system hangs on boot at Buslogic d
o [2004/01/10] bin/61152   qa          [sysinstall] installer refuses to mount U
o [2004/01/19] bin/61587   qa          [sysinstall] [patch] installation problem
o [2004/01/21] bin/61658   qa          [sysinstall] 5.2R error "Add of package q
o [2004/01/25] bin/61890   qa          [sysinstall] fdisk(8) uses incorrect calc
o [2004/01/26] bin/61937   qa          [sysinstall] cannot install 5.2-REL via s
o [2004/02/05] bin/62367   qa          [sysinstall] 5.2.1-RC installation proble
o [2004/02/05] bin/62375   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall core dump
o [2004/02/14] bin/62833   qa          [sysinstall] can't install: integer divid
o [2004/04/14] bin/65546   qa          [sysinstall] 4.10-BETA fails to install f
o [2004/04/19] bin/65774   qa          [sysinstall] cannot run repair disk when 
o [2004/05/07] bin/66350   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall creates a partiti
o [2004/05/20] bin/66950   qa          [sysinstall] upgrading to 4.10-RC3: packa
o [2004/05/21] bin/66984   qa          [2TB] [patch] teach sysinstall about larg
o [2004/09/03] bin/71323   qa          [sysinstall] FTP download from floppy boo
o [2004/10/19] bin/72895   qa          [sysinstall] Sysinstall generates invalid
o [2004/10/23] kern/73035  qa          [sysinstall] Upgrading from 5.2.1 to 5.3 
o [2004/11/04] bin/73511   qa          [sysinstall] SCSI drive install failure -
o [2004/11/06] bin/73617   qa          [sysinstall] fdisk editor unmarks active 
o [2005/03/17] bin/78964   qa          [sysinstall] can not write labels to hdd 
o [2005/04/07] kern/79621  qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall does not create a
o [2005/04/14] bin/79910   qa          [sysinstall] Cannot escape from failed po
o [2005/08/08] bin/84668   qa          [sysinstall] ssh and sysinstall problem
f [2005/09/24] bin/86518   qa          [sysinstall] USB keyboard not supported
o [2005/12/19] bin/90656   qa          [sysinstall] 6.0-RELEASE (i386) cannot be
o [2006/05/10] bin/97108   qa          [sysinstall] write failure on transfer (w

48 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [1997/09/28] bin/4646    qa          [sysinstall] can't fixit with an NFS-moun
s [1998/07/10] bin/7232    qa          [sysinstall] suggestion for FreeBSD insta
o [1998/11/27] bin/8867    qa          [sysinstall] [patch] /stand/sysinstall co
o [1999/09/24] bin/13936   qa          [sysinstall] no clear indication of how m
o [1999/10/14] bin/14318   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall upon install has 
o [1999/11/22] bin/15038   qa          [sysinstall] easy to not notice that sele
o [2000/02/08] conf/16584  qa          [sysinstall] Hostname field too small dur
o [2000/03/22] bin/17546   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall does not let you 
o [2000/08/28] bin/20908   qa          [sysinstall] /stand/sysinstall too limite
a [2000/12/09] bin/23402   qa          [sysinstall] upgrade ought to check parti
o [2001/01/18] bin/24435   qa          [libdisk] changing slice type causes Auto
o [2001/02/06] bin/24907   qa          [sysinstall] Options screen at MenuMedia 
o [2001/04/28] bin/26919   qa          [sysinstall] fdisk should ONLY set one bo
o [2001/05/08] bin/27216   qa          [sysinstall] can not get to shell prompt 
f [2001/06/04] bin/27872   qa          [sysinstall] "Load Config" hangs Compaq D
a [2001/06/11] bin/28081   qa          [sysinstall] /stand/sysinstall errs out i
o [2001/08/20] bin/29893   qa          [sysinstall] suggestions for 4.4 sysinsta
o [2001/09/12] bin/30517   qa          [sysinstall] using sysinstall with instal
a [2001/09/22] bin/30737   qa          sysinstall leaks file descriptors on rest
f [2001/11/20] bin/32144   qa          [sysinstall] unattended install with sysi
a [2001/11/29] bin/32375   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall doesn't respect U
o [2002/02/28] bin/35400   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall could improve man
o [2002/03/20] bin/36118   qa          [sysinstall] 4.5 Upgrade says it won't to
o [2002/04/09] kern/36916  qa          [libdisk] DOS active partition flag lost 
o [2002/04/16] bin/37160   qa          [sysinstall] coredumps when trying to loa
o [2002/05/14] bin/38055   qa          [sysinstall] Groups (creation) item shoul
o [2002/05/14] bin/38056   qa          [sysinstall] User (creation)'s "Member gr
o [2002/05/14] bin/38057   qa          [sysinstall] "install" document doesn't d
o [2002/05/24] bin/38478   qa          [sysinstall] In Choose Distributions scre
o [2002/05/24] bin/38480   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall should prompt for
o [2002/05/27] bin/38610   qa          [sysinstall] should be able to mount ISO 
o [2002/06/03] bin/38854   qa          [sysinstall] resetting during setup cause
o [2002/06/16] bin/39360   qa          [sysinstall] if linux emu is added as a d
o [2002/06/20] bin/39574   qa          [sysinstall] error mounting /dev/acd0c on
o [2002/07/23] kern/40926  qa          [boot] After Upgrading or Clean Installin
o [2002/08/01] bin/41238   qa          [sysinstall] problems with FreeBSD instal
o [2002/08/23] bin/41949   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall sorts /etc/rc.con
o [2002/08/26] bin/42022   qa          [sysinstall] non-interactive mode prompts
o [2002/08/29] bin/42162   qa          [sysinstall] installation crashes, md0c f
o [2002/09/18] bin/42934   qa          [sysinstall] installation procedure on in
o [2002/11/05] bin/44915   qa          [sysinstall] 'choose installation media' 
o [2002/11/13] bin/45254   qa          [sysinstall] [patch] sysinstall installs 
o [2002/11/23] bin/45608   qa          [sysinstall] install should config all et
o [2003/01/09] bin/46905   qa          [sysinstall] FreeBSD 5.x cannot be instal
o [2003/02/04] bin/47908   qa          [sysinstall] /stand/sysinstall can't disp
o [2003/03/06] bin/48989   qa          [sysinstall] Sysinstall's  partition edit
o [2003/05/15] bin/52271   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall panics in machine
o [2003/06/10] bin/53131   qa          [sysinstall] "ALL" could not turn check B
o [2003/06/15] bin/53341   qa          [sysinstall] [patch] dump frequency in sy
o [2003/11/26] bin/59708   qa          [sysinstall] [patch] add sSMTP support fo
o [2003/12/18] bin/60350   qa          [sysinstall] in Choose Distributions scre
o [2004/01/12] bin/61264   qa          [sysinstall] unable To Use VT100 Terminal
o [2004/01/16] kern/61438  qa          [sysinstall] 5.2 nfs tasks running by def
o [2004/02/11] bin/62702   qa          [sysinstall] backup of /etc and /root dur
o [2004/02/11] bin/62711   qa          [sysinstall] installation: "Insert Next C
o [2004/03/17] conf/64381  qa          lo0 not up and no IPs assigned after inst
o [2004/08/04] bin/69986   qa          [sysinstall] [patch] no job control in fi
o [2004/08/04] bin/70002   qa          [sysinstall] fails to locate FTP dirs if 
o [2004/10/01] bin/72232   qa          [sysinstall] Installer installs gui-enabl
o [2004/10/15] misc/72741  qa          ssh broken on fixit cd (missing /dev/rand
o [2005/04/19] bin/80117   qa          [sysinstall] [patch] smbfs install option
o [2005/05/20] bin/81323   qa          [sysinstall] Error in installation packag
s [2005/07/25] bin/84084   qa          [sysinstall] FreeBSD 4.11-R won't install
o [2005/07/28] bin/84208   qa          [sysinstall] "Leave the MBR untouched" op
f [2005/08/08] bin/84667   qa          [sysinstall] annoying installation proble
o [2005/08/08] bin/84674   qa          [sysinstall] Installer trying to install 
o [2005/08/28] bin/85367   qa          [sysinstall] [patch] fix package categori
o [2005/09/22] bin/86454   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall terminates with s
o [2005/09/26] bin/86600   qa          [sysinstall] Sysinstall boot manager scre
o [2005/09/28] bin/86665   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall binary upgrade cl
o [2005/10/03] bin/86859   qa          [sysinstall] Installer should ask about L
o [2005/11/11] bin/88826   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall infinity wait for
o [2006/01/02] bin/91205   qa          [sysinstall] sysinstall package options s
o [2006/02/13] bin/93275   qa          [sysinstall] Failure to install after res
o [2006/03/13] bin/94409   qa          [sysinstall] [patch] add geom.debugflags-

75 problems total.

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