• mailing list memberships reminder, mailman-owner
  • Re: ports/128343: math/py-numeric17 is no longer needed, miwi
  • Re: ports/128350: New port: math/py-numeric23, miwi
  • zope.interface problem, Kamil Deryński
  • Current problem reports assigned to freebsd-python_(_at_)_FreeBSD_(_dot_)_org, FreeBSD bugmaster
  • Current problem reports assigned to python_(_at_)_FreeBSD_(_dot_)_org, FreeBSD bugmaster
  • Re: ports/127924: [UPDATE] devel/py-setuptools to 0.6c9, linimon
  • Re: ports/128606: ports/math/py-networkx update, edwin
  • Re: ports/128677: databases/py-axiom missing dependency, edwin
  • locale.getlocale returns encoding UTF8, should it better be UTF-8?, Mathias Picker
  • Re: ports/129015: [PATCH] www/py-pylons: [drop maintainership], edwin
  • Re: ports/129034: Update port: www/py-dtflickr Upgrade to 1.1, edwin
  • Re: ports/124729: lang/python25 - Python 2.5 fails in building a package, miwi
  • Re: ports/129117: [maintainer update] textproc/py-wbxml: deprecate and schedule it for removal, edwin
  • Re: ports/129194: upgrade of www/py-pylons, edwin
  • Re: ports/129208: [PATCH] www/py-webhelpers: drop maintainership, edwin
  • Re: ports/129256: [NEW PORT] mail/py-ppolicy, edwin

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