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Re: Single slice for FreeBSD

Hi James,

I think I may be confusing partitions and slices.  Correct me if I'm
wrong please.  The subject should probably be "Single partition for

It's all a bit confusing since the terms in FreeBSD are usually PC-centric.

Disks on power mac's are carved up using an Apple Partition Map and not a PC-style MBR. The individual sections are 'partitions' in Apple terminology, but are 'slices' in FreeBSD MBR terminology. To confuse things even more, FreeBSD then subdivides up MBR 'slices' into BSD 'partitions', e.g. /dev/ad0s4a.

FreeBSD/ppc doesn't subdivide Apple partitions. I guess it could using GPT, but that would also involve a change to the bootloader.

In any event, I htink you are right: the terminology you want is a partition. Unfortunately the auto-create partitions in the disklabel part of sysinstall is busted - you have to manually do this. My recommendation is to select the Apple partition you want to use (e.g. /dev/ad0s8), put '/' on that, and optionally use another partition for swap.


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