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Re: Error Loading Installer Disc

I'll give this a shot. Will I have to get into OpenFirmware and do that
command everytime I restart or can a bootloader be installed on something?


On Dec 5, 2007 12:46 PM, Peter Grehan <grehan_(_at_)_freebsd_(_dot_)_org> wrote:

> Hi Brandon,
> > http://www.macmaniacs.com/1204071648.jpg
> >
> > I want to get rid of the 'ad0's at the top  Can anyone point me in the
> right
> > direction as to how I can accomplish this?
>  If you are willing to wipe whatever is on the disk, you can still get
> this to work, albeit a little klunky.
>  Select the ad0s2 partition. Use 'C' to create a filesystem, with the
> path of '/'. Then 'Q' to finish. You haven't created a swap paritition,
> and you will receive a warning, but that is OK. Then, complete a FreeBSD
> install like you normally would.
>  However, to boot, you must leave the install CD in the drive, break
> into OpenFirmware, and:
> 0 > boot cd:0,\boot\loader hd:2
> later,
> Peter.
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