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Re: FreeBSD/ppc 6.0-BETA1 isos

On Jul 19, 2005, at 6:09 PM, Peter Grehan wrote:

Cool, on my personal todo list is to get an ADB driver going on FreeBSD if no one beats me to it. I've got other projects in the foreground and a pile of dayjob work to do too.

I'm racing you :)

 The current file breakdown I have in mind is:

          adb_if.m      - adb bus interface
          adb_hb_if.m   - adb host-bus interface
          adb.c         - generic bus probe/attach code

          adb_kbd.c    - driver for notebook/external adb keyboards.
              exports syscons kbd interface.
          adb_mouse.c   - trackpad/mouse driver. creates /dev/ams0,
              sysmouse-compatible device.

          adb_hb_cuda.c    - CUDA host bridge driver
          adb_hb_core99.c  - core99 PMU host bridge driver

The big complication in all of this is that the keyboard has to be able to operate in polled-mode to allow DDB to work.


Hmmm that sounds reasonable... what's NetBSD do? [if it has a driver]



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