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Re: Mac Mini and Xorg

On Fri, Jul 08, 2005 at 11:03:00PM +1000, Peter Grehan wrote:
>  I've been cross-building fine on x86 so I don't think there's any 
> issue with the source tree.

Good to know.  I'll fall back on that if neccessary, though I'd much
rather compile locally.

>  Would you be able to run 'top' during the build and see if memory is 
> heading toward being exhausted (or running into swap) ?

Sure.  I'll take a look next time I run the process.  I'm not sure
exactly how long it runs so I guess I'll have to stare at it for a
while...  All I know is that normally it takes a while for swap to get
cleared out so it looks to me as though it isn't even hitting it.  Is
it possible there is a vm issue here?

>  My 512M mini is finally powered up so I'll try a build on that 
> (limiting mem to 256M with hw.physmem).

I'd appreciate that!


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