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Re: FreeBSD-ppc on an external hdd (Mac Mini)

At 2:00 PM +1000 7/5/05, Peter Grehan wrote:

Could we do that with GPT-style partitions, instead of a single
APM-stype partition?

OpenFirmware doesn't understand GPT. An APM-formatted drive is always needed to boot from, with one of those slices formatted in either HFS+ or ISO9660 for OpenFirmware to load the FreeBSD stage2 loader.

Now, it would be possible to carve up an APM slice with GPT into

Yes, that is the direction I was thinking of.

There is loader work required to support this. However, since
the disk has to be re-sliced anyways to support FreeBSD, I've
taken the lazy approach and thought it's easy at that point just
to add a couple of extra APM slices for var/swap/whatever than
do the loader GPT work.

What do users think? How would you folks like to see the install?

I'd like to stick with the idea of letting the MacOS DiskUtility.app do whatever it wants for creating APM-style partitions, and then we just steal a partition that it has created (the same way OpenBSD seems to). I'm a bit uneasy, for instance, that DiskUtility seems to create two APM partitions on the disk for every volume that I ask the app to create. I think we'd be better off if we don't try to second- guess what Apple thinks is on those alternate partitions.

At the same time, I'd like to be able to re-arrange my freebsd/ppc
partitions without having to reboot into MacOS.  I don't mind which
kind of partitions we stuff inside the APM-partition (slice?) that
we steal for installing FreeBSD, but I keep hearing that GPT is the
great and wonderful way for doing lots of partitions.  So, maybe
that is the way to go.

In a separate message on 7/5/05, Peter Grehan wrote
The thing is, I actually have more partitions than that.
MacOS sees them all, but FreeBSD only lists the first 16?

This is an artificial limitation in geom/geom_apple.c:

#define NAPMPART 16 /* Max partitions */

I'll bump this up to 48 or so.


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