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Mac Mini and Xorg

I recently acquired a Mac mini (the 1.25GHz variety) and successfully
installed FreeBSD from the iso located on Grehan's page
(6.0-20050518-SNAP-powerpc-disc1.iso).  The machine is running very
nicely so far and I've managed to compile bash, screen, and Xorg
without any extra effort (just copied over a current set of ports
updated Friday).  As I was unable to get X up on the console I took a
look around and found the following page:


As the sysctl hw.ofwfb.relax_mmap does not seem to exist on my system
I'm guessing I'll have to compile a new kernel?  If not I'd really
like to know before starting it...  ;-)

I'm working with someone else who would like to use Mac minis as
X-terminals so my eventual goal would be to produce a new iso image
that will allow an install that "just works."  That way he can just
mass deploy it (I'll be making packages as part of that effort).

Specific directions from anyone who has already gotten Xorg running
well on the Mac mini are *very* welcome, as are any other suggestions.


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