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Re: ports/94081 : [PATCH] editors/speedbar-emacs20: fix plist

Ion-Mihai Tetcu <itetcu_(_at_)_people_(_dot_)_tecnik93_(_dot_)_com> wrote:

>  On Mon, 06 Mar 2006 23:56:10 +0200
>  Andrey Slusar <anrays_(_at_)_gmail_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
>  > 
>  > Very strange - why affected only the speedbar-emacs20 port?
>  > editors/speedbar installs the speedbar.info too and speedbar.info is
>  > not found in plist and Makefile INFO tokens.
>  So, as pav@ pinted out, speedbar-emacs20 shouldn't overwrite it and my
>  patch is wrong.

I think the patch is good.

One different between editors/emacs20 and editors/emacs is that the
emacs21 port install a speedbar.info into /usr/local/info and the
emacs20 port do not. (although emacs20 comes with the speedbar
package). This is why we see a checksum mismatch error from
editors/speedbar and a pkg-plist error from
editors/speedbar-emacs20. So I think your patch perfectly fix it for

The problem is on editors/speedbar, as both it and editors/emacs
install a speedbar.info in /usr/local/info, and I can't make it a
conflict! One way around this is to not install speedbar.info in the
editors/speedbar port, as we did in devel/cedet, but I don't think
that's a good idea.

Dryice @ http://dryice.name

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