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Re: pf and policy routing

   Thanks for your answer but what do you think of using ipfw for routing
   policy and pf for firewalling, is it possible ?
   Huzeyfe Onal a écrit :

     you can use PF's route-to options  for Policy routing..
     On 6/22/06, Sébastien AVELINE [1]<saveline_(_at_)_alinto_(_dot_)_net> wrote:

     I would like to have some advises on pf. I'd like to use pf for
     clustering a firewall and using pfsync.
     Actually I use a Linux Box to do this. The problem is that I have
     specific rules for routing with iproute2 because I got a lot of
     different subnets with multi-homing. It seems that freebsd support
     policy routing only with ipfw.
     My question is : is it possible to use ipfw just for policy routing
     pf just for packet filtering ?
     For example I want to to do something like that :
     I had a default gateway (a) but if I received a packet from
     subnet(c) to
     subnet(d) --> use an another default gateway(y)
     packet from subnet(a) to subnet(x) -->  use an another default
     I wonder if route-to of pf is good for my exemple or if I should
     something else like ipfw for routing and pf for firewalling as I
     above. Actually I'm using freebsd 6.1 for some tests.
     Thanx for your answers.
     Sebastien AVELINE
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