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Please review & test this

        As you may all know, the packet classifier in ALTQ is very
slow on large numbers of classes, because it stores them linearly, in
an array. I rewrote the way classes are stored, replacing the array
with a hash table. I tested [1] on a system with about 8000 classes
and noticed a remarkable performance difference (the system went from
almost unusable to nice & smooth). It breaks the ABI by adding an
extra TAILQ_ENTRY  member to the HFSC class structure, though. If
anyone reviews and tests it, I would be grateful.

[1] http://night.rdslink.ro/dudu/altq/altq_hfschash.diff

P.S. please keep in mind that I'm not exactly a black belt in kernel
programming, so glitches might exist. I would be most happy to hear
some suggestions.

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