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On Tue, Feb 22, 2005 at 08:55:27PM +0100, Lars Thegler wrote:
> With all due respect, as long as 4.x is still officially alive, I think 
> we should support it. I agree, the 5.005_03 usage is hopefully 
> dwindling, but this can only be guesswork at best :)

Well, 4.x with newer perl versions is still supported :)
> It is my observation, that most perl modules either just work on 
> 5.005_03, or can be made to work with minor modifications. Of course, 
> some modules use 5.6+ facilities and are harder, if not impossible, to 
> make work under the old perl, and for these I find it perfectly 
> reasonable to IGNORE them.
> I personally try my damndest to back-port stuff to 5.005_03, and it is 
> only a waste of time if I'm alone in doing that ;)
I've been one of the people trying hardest to get port to work on
5.005_03 (as you must know from experience :-), but I've given up the
fight. 4.11 is supported by so@ until 2007, but I don't see anyone doing
any serious perl work with 5.005_03 til that time. 5.005_03 does it's
basic jobs on 4.x great, but if you want to do some more, you soon run
into trouble with modules that are no longer supported, and soon even
5.6.x will not be enough for many (I already am running into trouble
with modules that don't work with 5.6.x anymore). So I'm trowing the
towel into the ring, and if people want to do perl development with a
postgresql database, they'll probably want 5.8.x anyway.

Anyway, that's just my personal perception of how things are today,

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