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Re: Slow iSCSI performance


Ivan Voras wrote:
Stefan Lambrev wrote:

Philip Murray wrote:

I'm trying to use the new iSCSI initiator (thanks!) with 7, but I'm
getting dismal performance. A simple dd will will max out at about
2MB/sec, and untarring the likes of the ports tree is a painful task.
I have similar experience. In my case I was using for initiator Linux
host and FreeBSD with iscsi-target from ports.
I didn't have enough time to dig where the problem is.
The target is another FreeBSD 7 machine running the NetBSD target
daemon from ports exporting a ZVOL from ZFS (also tried with a file on

See this:
I do not see the patch in this thread :)
Is there a patch for 7.0-RELEASE? (If not already patched?)


Best Wishes,
Stefan Lambrev
ICQ# 24134177

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