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Re: performance degradation in 6.2 when adding a second quad core chip

Noisex wrote:
So Benjamin you want to tell, that adding additional CPU decrease the
performance on 6.2? How did you made tests? I just want to know because in my plans to the next week is also add
2nd CPU (dual core) and some additional RAM to one of the my HP Proliant
DL360 (generaly mysql db server) because due to heavy MySQL usage nearly to
100% or even more sometimes some of my customers are not very happy with
service like that (long load time).

Server: HP proliant G4P DL360, CPU 1x3Ghz dual core, RAM: 4Gb (on system i
can see 3Gb :) ), SCSI 146Gbx2 (RAID 1+0 with smartarray controller p4600).
OS: FreeBSD 6.2, SMP

I wouldn't bother with 8 CPUs if you are running 6.x. As I mentioned, 7.0 SMP performance is much better.


p.s what you guys could recommend about enabled/disabled hyperthreading on
intel? Will it increase performance or over the left decrease?

It depends on your workload, it may or may not give a performance benefit. ULE tends to perform better than 4BSD though.


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