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Re: System perforamance 4.x vs. 5.x and 6.x

----- Original Message ----- From: "Brett Bump" <bbump_(_at_)_rsts_(_dot_)_org>
I would call 120 processes with a load average of 0.03 and 99.9 idle
with 10-20 sendmail processes and 30 apache jobs nothing to write home
about.  But when that jumps to 250 processes, a load average of 30 with
50% idle (5-10 second waits on single character ssh echo) a bit busy.
That usually means my heavy pop3 users are checking in at the same time
someone (or 2 or 3) have sent email to the large volume listservs.  Proc
stat doesn't show as much as gstat and iostat.  Gstat alwasy shows my
drive with /var/mail being 97-100% busy and iostat will always show hi
tps rates, but never anything above 8MB/s (4.10 gave me 30MB/s+).

Are you running any php on your machine? If so did you upgrade php as
well from say 5.1.x => 5.2.x and make use of open_basedir is so
the following thread may be interest:-
PHP with open_basedir performance problem


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