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Re: Performance Tracker project update

On Feb 8, 2008, at 12:43 PM, Ivan Voras wrote:
Historically, the Python optimizer wasn't capable of doing much, true, but the more recent versions of the optimizer can actually do some peephole optimizations like algorithmic simplification and constant folding:

A quick test with the built-in pystone mini-benchmark (taken out of the standard library so the optimization can be varied) yields [*]:

python without -O : 5802.36
python with -O : 5781.39

That's ~ 0.4% difference, or low enough to be lost in the noise, agreed.

I suspect that if the Python optimizer becomes smart enough to do dead- code elimination and code motion of invariants outside of loops that one would see a more significant difference. At the present, it's only smart enough to optimize pretty dumb cases that most humans would already deal with...


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