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Re: network performance


Kris Kennaway wrote:
Stefan Lambrev wrote:

Kris Kennaway wrote:
Yes, it is gone with 8.0. Disable the module builds because some of them like this one probably need compile fixes. If you need a subset of modules use MODULES_OVERRIDE=list (in /etc/make.conf)

Yes, kernel builds.
I'm still playing with it, but the first results shows that new kernel can handle 800k incoming packets (well may be more but I have not enough power right now to generate more packets). It still answer only to 250K-260K. I guess I'm hitting the limitation of syncache/syncookies ?

Yes, it could be. You may need to tune the net.inet.tcp.syncache parameters to get better performance. That is good news though.

Anyway this netisr2 looks like huge improvement :)

Actually I forgot to mention: you probably want to set net.isr2.direct=1.
net.isr2.direct=1 have very bad impact over performance.
When I set it to 1 the server cannot handle more then 230kpps which is worse then vanilla 7.0 :)
Do you want to see lock profiling and hwpmc output when enabled?

Btw from where I can check if malloc() debugging is enabled, as I want to be sure that no debugging is slowing down the tests?
Does `ln -s aj /etc/malloc.conf` disable malloc() dubug?


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