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Re: max-cache-size doesn't work with 9.5.0b1

On 2008.01.30. 3:28, JINMEI Tatuya / 神明達哉 wrote:
Okay, please use the attached patch (applicable to 9.5.0b1, and also
to 9.5.0b2 when it's published).  Build it with:
% STD_CDEFINES='-DLRU_DEBUG2=2' ./configure --enable-threads
(or set STD_CDEFINES using setenv if you use a csh variant)

The log messages shouldn't be very noisy, but if you find them too
frequent, rebuild it with:
% STD_CDEFINES='-DLRU_DEBUG2=1' ./configure --enable-threads

Note that, if this is a thread-related bug, it may not always be
reproduceable; please try several times if the problem doesn't seem to
happen.  (BTW: did it always occur when you first found the problem?)
Yes, if bind was built with threads, the memory usage always grew behind max-cache-size very quickly.

Here is the log:
the memory usage (RSS, reported by top) in megabytes:
19:10:37 466
19:11:20 522
19:11:53 566
19:13:06 666
19:14:17 766

max-cache-size was set to 64M.

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