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Re: FreeBSD MySQL still WAY slower than Linux

On Mon, 20 Jun 2005, David Sze wrote:

I'll be re-running super-smack against an InnoDB table. Any additional requests for configurations to test, or other tweaking suggestions?

This is what I'll be trying:

       FreeBSD/amd64 4.11-RELEASE, linuxthreads
       FreeBSD/amd64 5.4-RELEASE, libpthread
       FreeBSD/amd64 5.4-RELEASE, libpthread, process scope
       FreeBSD/amd64 6.0-CURRENT, libpthread
       FreeBSD/amd64 6.0-CURRENT, libpthread, process scope
       FreeBSD/amd64 6.0-CURRENT, libthr, system scope
       FreeBSD/amd64 6.0-CURRENT, libthr, process scope
       CentOS/amd64 4.0

The different threading libraries are more for completeness. In my last test I saw <10% difference between them on amd64.

I realize every additional variation increases the testing load, but I'd be interested in seeing linuxthreads performance on 5.x/6.x also. While we've worked hard to improve native threading, linuxthreading remains fully functional, and given that MySQL may well be being optimized based on assumptions regarding the Linux threading model, it could well be linuxthreads comes in ahead on recent versions.

You probably did this in a prior e-mail but I may have missed it -- could you forward me a copy of the 6.x kernel dmesg via private e-mail?


Robert N M Watson
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