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Re: ports/129122: Building OpenOffice.org-3.0.0 fails

	The root cause seems to be quite obvious in this case.

	GNU cp (gcp) still fails miserably when ACLs are enabled.
	It assumes that it can set default ACLs for files other than
	directories. Linux quietly accepts and ignores a default ACL
	for files other than directories. FreeBSD OTOH quite correctly
	returns an error.

	This leaves some intermediate targets non-existent during the
	build when ACLs are enable.

	The correct solution would be fixing gcp of course.

	To make the ports build successful on ACL enabled systems
	while waiting for the real fix you can...

	1) either make the build phase use the native cp in place of
	gcp (labour intensive),

	2) or emulate gcp on top of the native cp (simple),

	*) and remove the stupid test for the real gcp being used
	during the configure phase, because it is a guaranteed way
	to make the build process fail.
	With that pointless test in place it becomes hard to emulate
	gcp on top of the native cp.

	Even better would be simply turning the ACLs on in the FreeBSD
	ports build environments to make this sort of problems stick
	out in a way that they just have to be fixed.

		// jau
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